Girls Education

In-Visible Currently Provides School Scholarship Funds to 16 Girls

We are grateful to work with our friends over at to offer scholarships to girls who can't afford to go to school. Although tuition is free in public schools, it's the cost of uniforms, transportation, school supplies, and school meals that prevents children from getting the education they need and deserve.

Philippine Facts
  • Despite progress in recent years, girls continue to suffer severe disadvantage and exclusion in education systems throughout their lives
  • An estimated 31 million girls of primary school age and 32 million girls of lower secondary school age were out of school in 2013
  • The average girl stays in school until the age of 11
  • 30 out of 1000 children die before their 5th birthday
  • The average salary for the parents of the girls in our scholarship program is less than $2,000 a year
  • 100% of the girls had an increase in school attendance
  • 100% of the girls had an increase in academic performance