Youth Empowerment

In-Visible believes in empowering youth to transform their neighbourhood and the world through community service.

Pennies for Hunger
Schools can participate in an educational and interactive week long initiative to teach children about global issues and how they can make a difference in a fun, age appropriate way. Students learn about hunger in the Philippines. They understand that it just takes £0.16p to feed a malnourished child a meal and that this meal is likely their only meal of the day. Students hear from one of their own pupils about how the student body can make a difference.

Pen Pals
At In-Visible we have a vision of a world of universal children. We believe giving children a chance to learn about different cultures and make friends on the other side of the world paves the way for children to be more aware of the needs of others and to grow into well-rounded universal adults. Schools or parents can sign their children up to be a pen pal with one of the children in our school feeding program. Letters are exchanged 3 to 4 times per school year calendar.


Developing Children to Become Global Citizens

Enabling young people to become heroes teaches an important lesson of appreciation of what humans can do to help

Youth learn to value their own voice by making a positive difference and the power they have to transform the community and the world

Raising children's awareness on global issues and empowering them to make a difference

Enriches their personal and social development

Enhances their understanding of the world

Brings out their leadership and teamwork skills

Encourages empathy and compassion

Quotes From Parents and Children Who've Participated

It's more important to feed these children than buying a game. Leo, age 6
This is such an amazing initiative that has really fired up the children's enthusiasm in their willingness to raise money.
They enjoyed every minute of their quest and came back with serious money.
The lesson: the great majority of the people are willing to give if asked i.e. the world is a much better place than sometimes seems to be.
He has been so happy finding coins around the house and making sure he stacks them in piles of £0.16. The more piles the more kids get food. He is really excited.
They were so thrilled. They felt proud.
It was great to see how the girls could interact with people and were able to explain all about the In-Visible charity and what it stood for.